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WebPure is John Drummond's web design business.

It is different from many website design outfits in that:

  • We are not designers, our background is business, so we concentrate on the business purpose of the website.
  • We are software engineers rather than graphic artists. Function is everything to us, we like data technology and speed.
If a bit of practicaility and a business ear is what you are after, do please give us a call on 44 (0) 208 144 9374 or contact us through the website.

"Functionality is everything"

...chaotically, probably. However, there are a couple of things that mean a bit to us:
  • The best way to get a website project done is to meet and map it out on pieces of paper. London-based and on the Central Line, we can be with you at short notice.
  • The client should, as much as possible, be able to update their own website easily and speedily.
  • If the graphic side is troublesome, leave it out - be minimalist. I don't know who said it but its a lovely phrase: "the eye craves white space".
  • The website should work from a functional standpoint as soon as possible. With the technologies we use, there is lots of functionality we can build in to the site.
  • We may have to run with a couple of designs whilst we come to a conclusion about the best one to use. You have to be comfortable with your online identity.
  • Text matters: design elements merely amplify your message.
We use a range of common, inexpensive (mostly free) technologies.
  • Starting in the bowels of the operation, we host our sites and our clients sites on Linux Servers, which are inexpensive, reliable, secure and high performing. We can also work with sites hosted on your web server, of course.
  • We write our web pages in PHP, the widespread scripting language famous for rapid development.
  • Pages often need to access data held in a database, and we use MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • We use CSS to write the style sheets that control the look of web pages, in common with nearly all website developers.
  • We use JQuery, a massively popular Javascript tool that is able to provide dynamic behaviour to a webpage and communicate small packets of information to the server using a technique called Ajax.
  • We use Flash for displaying some media items.
A bit more diagrammatic techno-babble showing how the various techniques fit together is in this pdf.
A one-stop shop:
  • We can design your website, understand what you want on the site, prepare the graphics
  • We can host your website on our web server, saving you the bother of running a webserver.
  • We can design and/or host a back-end database.
  • We can register domain names on your behalf, in your name or ours and deal with that side of things.
  • We can be on-hand at very short notice to maintain your website when things stop working, or the functionality is not up to the mark and needs to be improved.
John Drummond

John is more likely to understand your business than wow you with design flair, but at least you won't have to explain everything to him.

2001+Director Business Functions, Business Software Developers and Modellers
1991-2001Canary Wharf Group plc, property developers, Head of Business Planning and Appraisal
1989-19913i plc venture capitalists, Investment Excecutive
1987-1989MBA London Business School , full time
1982-1987BHP Billiton, Petroleum Division, Engineer/Economist
1981-1982MSc Petroleum Engineering, Heriot Watt Univ.
Recent IT test certificatesBrainbench: PHP4, PHP5, C++ Fundamentals, Excel 2003 Fundamentals.
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